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Code of conduct

Compliance with Laws and Regulations
All our operations shall comply with local and relevant international legislation and generally accepted frameworks and regulations.

Our Responsibilities
At SIMA we are committed to conduct our business ethically and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
We expect all our associates to take responsibility and be an active part in securing compliance with this Code of Conduct.

At SIMA, Innovation is a part of our DNA. Our products are developed with an innovative and functionally mindset, our marketing is creative and innovative and in many other aspects of our daily work life, Innovation is a part of our way of thinking.
We encourage all our employees to be a part of the innovative mindset and welcome all inputs and ideas.

Community Relations
We have a social responsibility to be an active part of the community and contribute in any way possible. Therefore, we work closely together with the local authorities and associations – especially in relation to rehabilitation of war veterans.

Health and Safety
The safety of our employees and other individuals performing work on our behalf is of the utmost importance to SIMA. Risks and threats that could cause harm to personnel on duty, on and off-site, shall be identified, analyzed, and controlled.
Workstations are set up in accordance with statutory and generally recognized safety and occupational health rules so that work can be performed without accidents or stress.
SIMA supports continuous further developments to improve working conditions.

Human Rights and child labour
We treat people with respect and dignity. We affirm the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations and are committed to compliance with it. Furthermore, SIMA does not approve of any form of human trafficking or associated activities.

We do not tolerate the employment of children. The employment of young people may not in any way jeopardize their physical or psychological development.

At SIMA, we recognize end protect the worth of any employees and treat them with respect. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, e.g. due to gender, family situation, ethnic heritage, religion, culture, sexual orientation or union membership.
Harassment and similar behavior will not be tolerated. We are all obligated to ensuring that all employees can do their jobs in a working environment free of sexual, physical and psychological harassment.

At SIMA we shall act responsible and ensure that the environmental impact of our activities is kept as low as possible. This includes discharges to water, air and ground, consumption of resources, hereunder energy consumption, water consumption and waste treatment.

Working with Governments
SIMA is committed to meeting the many special legal, regulatory and contractual requirements that apply to government-related work around the world. These requirements may apply to any bidding, accounting, invoicing, subcontracting, employment practices, contract performance, client service, gifts and hospitality and other matters.

We depend on full confidentiality. We expect all our associates to handle confidential information with care. Non-Disclosure Agreements are made before exchanging confidential information.
Furthermore, all employees are subject to a similar agreement.

Bribery and Corruption
SIMA combats corruption in any form, and forbids its employees, representatives and others acting on behalf of or on the instructions of SIMA from exerting influence illegally in any manner.

SIMA prohibits for anyone to demand, receive or accept an offer of an undue advantage in connection with a position, engagement or task, or to promise, offer or give any person the same. The same also applies to promising, offering or giving any person an improper advantage, or requesting or accepting the same, if the purpose is to seek to influence someone else in their position, engagement or task. Aiding in such activities is also prohibited. This relates to situations with both public officials and private commercial counterparts.
An improper advantage can include (but is not limited to) cash, tangible gifts; cost coverage, discounts, payment of travel or lodging expenses, services, attendance to social events etc.

In case of doubt of whether an advantage is improper, the employee is obligated to verify with the Management.

SIMA encourage our employees to build and maintain relationships with our Business Partners through networking and social interaction, and at the same time always be aware of relevant legislation and our internal rules for gifts and hospitality.

If our suppliers, partners or customers differ from our Code of Conducts and do not want to change these factors we will have to reassess our cooperation with the respective relation.