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Remote Ring Mount

Remote Ring Mount

Product Data

Choice of Sensor Pack
Choice of Screen solution
Choice of Weapon
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Product Description

  • Based on our combat proven Ringmount solutions and components
  • Easily Upgradable: From a Motorized Ringmount – to a Remote Ringmount
  • Easily Customized and modified i.e:
    • Choice of Sensor Pack
    • Choice of Screen solution
    • Choice of Weapon
  • Operated under harsh conditions
  • Easily Integrated on Vehicle Platforms
  • Easy and efficient Target Acquisition
  • Reliable and Perfect Hit (single shot and rounds)

Operation Mode


  • Electrical driven via powerful 24V engine
  • Operated and fired: Controller / Control Firing Unit
  • 360° Rotation within 10 seconds
  • Integrated brake lockable in any position incl. transport locking system
  • Safe / No fire zone – can be integrated to ensure high safety level
  • Manual Mode / Emergency Mode, operated by cranked handwheel
  • Trigger system on weapon

Screen Solution

  • SIMA INNOVATION screen solution / or Screen from vehicle platform

Sensor Solution 

  • SIMA INNOVATION – standard solution
  • Choice of Customer – solution

Softmount / Gun Mount (Fixed / Flexible)

Standard Configuration:

  • Interface: NATO G3 Cone / Pivot
  • Recoil Damped, Universal Buffer Mount (UBM) supporting: M2 Browning 0.50 CAL
  • Standard Mobility of System: -15° to +25° (Depression / elevation)

Flexible Configuration (Consult us):

  • Adaptor solution supporting
  • Standard 5,56mm Weapon
  • Standard 7,62mm Weapon

Fixed Tilt Hacth with combat lock

  • Waterproof against heavy rain
  • STANAG 4569 AEP 55, Vol.1, Level 1-3 in 60° (optional)

Gunner Protection Kit

  • Ballistic Protection STANAG 4569 AEP 55, Vol.1, Level 1-3 (optional)

Other Accessories

  • Ammo box Storage (12,7mm / 7,62mm / 5,56mm)
  • Gun Barrel Cooling bed / storage
  • Wire Cutters
  • Sling seat and Gunner restraint kit


  • Inner Diameter: 750 mm
  • Materials: Aluminium and Steel
  • Weight: App. 160 kg (Ringmount w. Fixed A Frame, Hatch and UBM)

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