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Demonstration at SAAB Bofors


More than 140 visitors from 22 countries were gathered at SAAB Bofors Dynamics in Karlskoga, Sweden, for a demonstration of new high tech munition for various support weapons.

During the same event SAAB Bofors Dynamics Switzerland (SBDS) – Exclusive Distributor of the Non Lethal Technology Product Group (NLT) in the Exclusive SBDS Territory- demonstrated equipment for riot management with non-lethal munition.

SIMA Innovation took part in this demonstration together with NLT and SBDS.

We exercised the possibility of launching smoke grenades, flash bang distraction, tear gas etc. against a mob, simulated by man shaped targets, up to a distance of 150 m with the use of minimum force.

NLT had their grenade launcher ‘IronFist’ mounted on a Motorized Ringmount system from SIMA, providing a fast and accurate launch of non-lethal munition with a minimum of collateral damage and maximum protection of own security forces.

The NLT is especially convenient for law enforcement, embassy compounds, government buildings, prisons, peace keeping organizations and other organizations needing to manage and confront a crowd, even a hostile one, and at the same time protect own personnel with a minimum of offensive force.