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We are presenting some of our Lightweight Motorized Ringmounts on the followings stands:

  • Ressenig, HALL 5 B 396 – LMR M08 on a Toyota Land Cruiser
  • IVECO, EXT Pe6a D 421 – Light Motorized Ringmount (LMR M08 the version we have in operation in Afghanistan) on their Light Multirole Vehicle (LMV)
  • Valentin Tusch, HALL 5 C 376 – LMR ALU (our newly developed Ringmount) on a vehicle for Special Operation Force

Lightweight Motorized Ringmounts are tested at the Danish Army Combat Center and most important – in theater – and has proven to be a flexible and extremely reliable weapon station providing security and protection for the operator.
The flexible design has resulted in a broad use on a number of platforms ranging from lighter vehicles as Mercedes GD, HMMWV and JULKAT to heavier APC as the M113 G3, PIRANHA and heavy trucks MAN SX and HX.

LMR M08 has recently been approved as the weapon station for the new M113 G4 update.
With a weight of just 98 kg LMR M08 has so far been the probably lightest Motorized Ringmount on the market. It can be equipped with protection STANAG 4569 level 1 to 4 and serves as weapon station for calibers like 7.62 mm, 12,7 mm and 40 mm AGL.

Based on our combat experience with the LMR M08 we constructed an Ultra-Light Motorized Ringmount made in aluminum.
With special designed armoring we can keep the LMR ALU including level 1- armoring under 150 kg (excl weapon, ammunition)
As we all know the weight issue has become a paramount parameter in all international missions. 
Every kilogram saved means logistic ease, less resource consumption, extended operational capability and improved mobility.

For a presentation feel free to call Flemming Hansen on +45 24 78 00 01