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SIMA wins larger order


The Danish Defense has completed a tender for turret solutions for the Danish vehicles in service that count a wide range of APC, Tactical Trucks and Patrol Vehicles.

The turret consists of a Ring Mount that is electrically driven and turns the turret 360 degrees. In addition, protection of the shooter comes in the form of ballistic protection plates and a soft mount that is a recoil absorbing weapon mount.

Owner of SIMA Innovation, Mikael Kildevæld says “The requirements for the project have been extremely comprehensive, so we are very pleased and proud that SIMA Innovation has been chosen as a supplier for this major projects. We of course have a presumption that the price we offered was the right one and not least that our turret was the one that honored the extremely strict requirements best for a modern defense when it is going to operate in challenging mission areas. “

The scope of the framework agreement is in the order of EUR 19 mio over 7 years according to the tender advertisement and it is expected to be delivered between 500 and 600 turret systems.

Mikael Kildevæld states that “an order of that size is particularly positive for Danish and, not least, the defense industry on Funen. It will mean more employees at both SIMA Innovation and not least the many subcontractors on Funen.”