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Pan/Tilt Units Remote Rotate Unit (RRU)

Remote Rotate Unit (RRU)

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Product Description

The RRU gives the driver or operator the ability to extend the field of view of the camera system. This system improves safer driving and faster handling of the vehicle when it is submerged, in total darkness, or when the hatch is closed.

This system is also ideal in support of the handling of special vehicle equipment, including excavators, dozer blades, mine-clearance tools, hydraulic drills, and other types of equipment that require the cameras to be moved to the right position during equipment operation.

The RRU is controlled by a joystick or pushbutton panel. In addition, programmable stops in the azimuth provide fast and safe positioning of the camera’s field of view.

Lastly, the RRU can be dismounted from the vehicle and placed on a tripod or mast to enable 360° observation.

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