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Product Description

RM850AL-ES is designed to be a common ring-mount solution with easy, direct integration on a variety of vehicle platforms or using our tailor-made Ring Mount Installation Kit (RMIK). The RM850AL-ES is probably the lightest motorized ring mount on the market.

The ring mount is driven by an electrical drive system that uses slip rings to distribute the power. The “one finger” operation, which is controlled by a joystick attached to the soft mount or weapon, allows the gunner to turn the turret 360° in approximately 7 seconds without losing grip on the weapon. The motor’s speed is adjustable, allowing the gunner to track a moving target, even if the gunner’s own vehicle is in motion. In addition, the motor is powerful enough to turn the turret on a steep slope. The gearbox can be disengaged, allowing manual turning.

The ring mount is designed to be mounted on a variety of weapons, including 12,7 mm, 7,62 mm, and 40 mm AGL in recoil-buffered mounts. Additional accessories can be fitted with the RM850AL-ES, including add-on armor for ballistic protection.

Similar motorized ring mounts are available in a variety of sizes and configurations.

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