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Ringmounts RM850AL-MC


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Product Description

RM850AL-MC is designed to be a common ring-mount solution with easy, direct integration on a variety of vehicle platforms or using our tailor-made Ring Mount Installation Kit (RMIK). The RM850AL-MC is probably the lightest manual ring mount on the market.

The ring mount is driven manually via a gear and crank. A brake has been integrated to prevent undesired traverse, and the gearbox box can be disengaged, allowing manual turning

It is possible to upgrade the RM850AL-MC with a motor, in which the power is distributed via slip rings or a cable.

The ring mount is designed to be mounted on a variety of weapons, including 12,7 mm, 7,62 mm, and 40 mm AGL in recoil-buffered mounts. Additional accessories can be fitted with the RM850AL-MC, including add-on armor for ballistic protection.

Similar manual ring mounts are available in a variety of sizes and configurations.

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