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Softmounts Universal Buffer Mount (UBM)

Universal Buffer Mount (UBM)

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Product Description

The UBM was developed to be used as a recoil absorber for a widely-dispersed heavy machine gun: the M2 Browning (12,7 mm).

When placed in the UBM, the precision of the weapon is significantly improved, leading to enhanced target acquisition and responsible ammunition use. In addition, the recoil absorption eases the impact on the gunner and avoids heavy wear and tear on the equipment that supports the gun.

Although the UBM accommodates the M2 Browning (12,7 mm), different cradles and interfaces can be installed instead of the M2, thereby allowing for the use of different 7,62 mm general-purpose machine guns, including the Rheinmetall MG 3, FN Herstal MAG (M240), Heckler & Koch 40 mm AGL, and MK 19.

Furthermore, all accommodated weapons are fired directly on the weapon’s own trigger mechanism.

The UBM is an extremely flexible recoil-absorbing gun mount that can be installed on a broad variety of platforms.

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