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EMC Testing

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Jens Kr. Olesen

Jens Kr. Olesen

Senior EMC Engineer

Product Description

The SIMA EMC Centre has a large and versatile instrument park for control measurement of many parameters.

Many tests follow IEC / EN standards and are also the type of tests we carry out the most – therefore our test facilities are adapted to this. Many EMC tests from around the world use the same IEC standards as reference, so they are likewise part of our standard setup.

But we also carry out special test set-ups, where the product requires it, for example in-situ tests for large equipment onboard a ship or an offshore platform to name a few examples.

General test setups:
Here are some common examples – but as there are more than 300 standards, the list is not exhaustive.

MIL-STD 461 — Partly covered for Emission & Immunity
IEC/EN 61 000-4-8 – Power Frequency Magnetic Field, Immunity, 50 & 60 Hz
IEC/EN 61 000-4-2 – Electrostatic Discharge, Immunity, ±30 kV Contact Mode, and Air mode Discharge
IEC/EN 61 000-4-3 – RF Field Immunity 20MHz – 6GHz 10V/m
IEC/EN 61 000-4-4 – Burst / Fast transients Immunity, ± 4kV @5kHz & 100kHz Rept. FrQ.
IEC/EN 61 000-4-5 – Surge, High Energy transients Immunity, normal to 6kV/3kA, special to 30kV/30kA
IEC/EN 61 000-4-6 – RF Conducted Immunity 150kHz-80MHz (230MHz)
IEC/EN 61 000-4-11 – Voltage variations dips, Immunity
IEC/EN 61 000-4-34 – Voltage Interruptions
IEC/EN 61 000-3-2 – Harmonic current 16A 16A <=75A
IEC/EN 61000-6-1 – EMC Generic standards – Immunity standard for residential, commercial and light-industrial environments
IEC/EN 61000-6-2 – EMC Generic standards – Immunity standard for industrial environments,
IEC/EN 61000-6-3 – EMC Generic standards – Emission standard for residential, commercial and light-industrial environments
IEC/EN 61000-6-4 – EMC Generic standards – Emission standard for industrial environments
CISPR 14-1, Discontinuous disturbance
CISPR 16-1-2, Conducted Emission, Disturbance Voltage
CISPR 16-1-3, Conducted Emission, Disturbance Power
CISPR 16-2-4, Radiated Emission, Disturbance Field
CISPR 22, IT Equipment Emission
CISPR 24, IT Equipment Immunity
CISPR 32, Multimedia Equipment Emission
CISPR 35, Multimedia Equipment Immunity
USA – FCC47 Part 15, 47 CFR Part 15, Subpart B – Unintentional Radiators
· § 15.107 — Conducted limits.
· § 15.109 — Radiated emission limits.

How to request a test
You are always welcome to contact us and discuss your test needs with us.

To discuss your test needs, or reserve a test time in the EMC test centre, contact our Senior EMC Engineer, Jens Kr. Tv. Olesen, with a description of the product, areas of use and to which countries you wish to document your EMC performance.

Consider whether you require a full test with a report, for example documentation for CE marking & manufacturer’s declaration, or perhaps a Quick test (Quick fail test) with small test overview report. If possible, please include full documentation when requesting testing.

Full tests are often 2-3 days for testing + 1 day to write the report – And a Quick test is often about 1 day for testing, and a few hours to write a test overview.


The EMC Centre has more than 40 years of EMC experience from all types of industries: ships, offshore, trains + much more, and has built a unique and deep knowledge in the EMC field.

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