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EMC Troubleshooting

EMC Troubleshooting

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Jens Kr. Olesen

Jens Kr. Olesen

Senior EMC Engineer

Product Description

A natural add-on to EMC Testing is EMC troubleshooting, where an “EMC failure” is investigated in-depth to find and alleviate the problem.

With his 40+ years of EMC testing and troubleshooting experience, our Senior EMC Engineer have seen many different EMC failures, and conducted troubleshooting all over the world and will bring that experience to your challenge.

Even with this vast experience at hand, each case tends to be unique, and require measuring and investigating to start getting an overview. Usually one gets a long way on the first investigations. But intermittent errors can be tricky and can take longer to analyze.

It is also a trend to say “EMC failure” for all kinds of periodic failures – but there is still something called electronic components that can fail, machines that fail due to operating errors, errors that can be caused by temperature, vibrations and many others causes of intermittent failures. In order not to forget an important cause of failure, software errors are also a parameter that must be assessed.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require troubleshooting assistance.


The EMC Centre has more than 40 years of EMC experience from all types of industries: ships, offshore, trains + much more, and has built a unique and deep knowledge in the EMC field.

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